Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Juicy Affair

In what could be dubbed as a prime example of teacher-student interactions going beyond the classroom at IIMA, the students were invited to a juice party by Prof. Prathap Oburai, arguably the best marketing research prof in the country.

The subject was Business Research Methods and the class was involved in an intense discussion on how a juice bar should design its concept in order to develop a loyal customer base. The prof shared a lighter moment by admitting that it would be a lot more fun to extend this discussion in the evening over some juice and snacks. In a rare instance at IIMA, the whole class agreed in chorus.

The result: The class reunited in the evening and continued the discussion amidst the juice party at Prof. Oburai’s residence. Here's photographic evidence...

The Juice Party!

Four students currently living in Dorm 10, sharing some memories with Prof. Oburai who used to live in Dorm 10 in his student days.

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